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7279 Contract Manufacturing
32 molded parts were delivered today. We again had significant down time due to the Z axis on the mill, making delivery later in the day than we had h...

7326 Contract Manufacturing
Brian welded stud plates for an hour or so today for a total delivery of 64 parts. Much of the day was spent wrestling with the Z axis on the Bridgepo...

These parts are waiting to go into the mill. They were scheduled for today but because of the problems with the Z axis it has been pushed back till to...

Trolley Pins. I checked material that we had on hand and ordered what we needed.

We received the parts to repair the tapping machine and these parts were started on the final operation of tapping 2 #6-32 holes in each part. These w...

This project includes a short table and some aluminum plates. Yesterday Jason had sawn the steel for the table.

This is a weld on a rudder off of a 35 sailboat that had developed a crack. To make this repair will require a size brazing tip that we did not have s...

We received the PO on a panel build project that will start later in the week. Sorry no picture just yet.

This project is continuing. The parts that were to be chrome plated went out today. Graham has been concentrating on parts that will be anodized.

Machine aluminum extrusions. 294 pieces.

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8633 Blast Cabinet


Nov 30, 2010


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