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Our 5,000 square-foot machine shop allows us to fulfill both large and small contract manufacturing orders. Whether you are looking for equipment design, plant layouts, prototyping or custom manufacturing orders, Cape Fear Automation can provide the solutions.

Quick Project Examples

We’ve been contracted to complete a variety of projects including a machine design for Black & Decker. Our team can help with manufacturing designs, material selection and troubleshooting issues if they arise¬†producing superior quality products for your needs.

We’ve been contracted for all types of work including the manufacturing of a special tooling item for one of the largest known tool companies in the world, Black & Decker. We’re able to design, refine and refinish products making sure they’re built to last.

Most manufacturing needs are specified dimensions and require minimal variance between Output A and Output B. Our skilled team has experience with tapping and milling tools getting your products created and delivered on time. If we don’t have the part to make your product, we’ll buy it and get working.

Computer Numerical Control or CNC milling is a specialty of ours. We’re able to get your product as close to exact dimensions and requirements as possible. This applies to projects both large and small. If you need custom metal machining or CNC milling work, contact us today!


Cape Fear Automation now has complete control over the entire machine building process. We can fulfill custom contracts for clients in a wide variety of industries.

We provide solutions to your problems and we turn your vision into real success. We are committed to providing you the best customer service and technical support.

As a part of our contract manufacturing capabilities, we can satisfy production orders as well as one-time, shop-worked items made to custom specifications. Our 5,000 square foot machine shop allows us to fill large orders effectively to meet your deadlines. We enjoy meeting new customers and developing a relationship in which we each share in the other’s success.

Are you looking for a contract manufacturer that can handle recurring orders of various sizes? Let us design a system that will take your operations to the next level!